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Groups & Workshops

Sol also offers therapeutic and psycho-educational groups, workshops and a variety of wellness services. These workshops teach self care and therapeutic techniques, raise awareness of mental health issues, as well as decrease the stigma of therapy in our community. Sol Counseling & Consulting is committed to providing groups and workshops in order to enhance understanding, provide support, teach techniques and foster growth and personal development.  

Let's Stay Together: 4 week Couples Workshop

The COVID pandemic has impacted health, schools, the economy, and RELATIONSHIPS. This 4-week group for couples will focus on: Communication, Love Languages and Forgiveness. In this new year let's figure out how to get back on track so we can stay together. 
Email us at to register!

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Supporting Your Employees Through Grief & Loss

The purpose of this workshop is to provide psychoeducation regarding grief and develop coping skills to utilize in managing symptoms. The workshop will specifically focus on the following:

  1. Educate participants on the stages of grief.

  2. Explore the impact of grief on job satisfaction, retention, and team comradery.

  3. Provide coping skills to help employees manage symptoms and connect employees with additional mental health resources if needed.

Contact us to schedule a workshop for your team. 

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Mindfulness Skills Groups

This group focuses on introducing clients to concepts of mindfulness and develop skills to further explore emotions. Mindfulness allows us to differentiate between feelings and fact. Through mindfulness, clients can begin separating their feelings from their actions, practice being present in the moment and increase awareness of self.

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