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Our virtual sessions are conducted using our secure online platform. You may access your sessions using your computer or mobile device.

In person sessions in our
Laurel, Maryland office are
an option as well. 



We have approved clinical supervisors who provide individual and group supervision to graduate students, LGPC’s of Maryland; as
well as consultation services
to seasoned clinicians.  


We accept private pay as well as
commercial insurance plans with
Care First/BCBS, United Healthcare
and Cigna. Please reference your
insurance benefit plan for specific information regarding
copay and costs for mental/
behavioral health services. 
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Sol Counseling & Consulting works with clients presenting

with issues of anxiety, depression, trauma,

life transitions, parenting and relationship concerns. 

Our child and adolescent therapists specialize in ADHD,

anxiety in children and teens and behavioral interventions. 

Sol also offers therapeutic and psychoeducational groups, workshops and a variety of wellness services. These workshops teach self care and therapeutic techniques, raise awareness of mental health issues, as well as decrease the stigma of therapy in our community. 



Hi Moms!


While life can be unpredictable, we encourage you to carve out some time for your own self care. We still have 3 sessions left of our Me, Myself & Mommy Support Group:

(June 4, July 2 and August 6)

Feel free to register for any days that align with you.

There are two ways to register: 

1. If you are using your insurance, please complete this form: (we accept CareFirst, BCBS, Cigna and United).

2. If you do not participate with our accepted insurance plans, please register at:

We hope to see you soon!

Self Care Workshop

The overall purpose of this workshop is to increase work/life balance and well as improve stress management techniques. Workshop facilitators will lead a discussion about self care techniques and will teach ways to decrease barriers to practicing self care. Facilitators will help participants develop a plan to incorporate self care in their everyday life. At the end of the workshop participants can help themselves to our “self care bar” to create their own personalized kits (includes items such as scented candles, room sprays, organic herbal tea and shower steamers).

Contact us to get more info on scheduling a workshop for your group.
We'll come to you or it can be virtual!

What's New at Sol:

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